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Request a Copy of a Police Report (City of Ramsey Police Department)

  1. Request for Information
    There may be times in which our office cannot process your request due to limitations within the State of Minnesota Data Practices guidelines. In other instances, our office may need to contact you for further information to process your request. Therefore, it is important that we have your contact information on the Request for Information Form in case our office needs to contact you, specifically your phone number.
  2. Requester's Information
    Completing this form in its entirety helps us to get you the information as quickly as possible.
  3. A valid email address is required as all reports are emailed back. Without a valid email address, this request will NOT be fulfilled. If you would like the report to be printed or mailed, please contact us at 763-427-6812 as payment is required.
  4. Information Requested
    Please provide details on the information requested.
  5. Please enter your case number, if known.

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