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Night to Unite Registration Form

  1. Night to Unite Registration Form
    Registration Information
  2. Event Details
  3. Is this your first year participating?*
  4. Event start and end times are used to schedule visits. The start time should reflect WHEN your guest will be ready to receive visitors. Visitors will be making an unannounced stop at your event anytime between your listed start and end times.
  5. Will you be blocking your street off?*
  6. Barricades will be dropped off by the City prior to you celebration. They are delivered to the coordinator's listed address. The City will pick up the barricades after N2U.
  7. Visitor Information
  8. Please number in order of importance (1-4). Visits are NOT guaranteed.
  9. Material Requested
  10. Amount requested
  11. Amount requested
  12. Amount requested
  13. You will be notified of the date and time materials will be available for pick up at the Police Department
  14. Disclaimer:
    Supplies are limited. Please understand we attend many block parties in a short period of time. Our goal is to have at least one visitor stop at each registered party, pending emergency calls. Media and city staff may be taking videos/photos at your event for various online and printed city publications.
  15. Data Privacy Information:
    The address provided on this form is considered public data (MS13.37.3). Failure to provide this information will result in the rejection of your Night to Unite registration. Your name, phone number and email are considered private data and will not be released.
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