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2022 Happy Days Volunteers

  1. Volunteer Sign Up

    Get involved in your community by volunteering at Happy Days! Shifts are typically 2-3 hours and range from morning shifts as early as 8:00 am to night shifts as late as 11:00 pm.

    Please arrive approximately 30 minutes before your shift starts to allow for parking, set-up, etc. All volunteers will receive a free meal either before or after their shift (depending on the time) and snacks and water will be available throughout the day. Volunteers will also receive a free Happy Days t-shirt. We are so thankful for our volunteers! We couldn’t do this without you.

  2. Job Descriptions

    Parade Judges (4 volunteers) - Be a judge for all the parade floats! 3 vote, one person tallies votes after parade.
    Parade Clean-up Crew (6 volunteers) - Clean up after parade.
    5K & Youth Run (6 volunteers) - Help with set-up and check-in, direct runners, and announce awards.
    Clean-up Crew - Help clean up, wash tables, check trash cans, take down after festival.

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