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2020 EDA Business Appreciation Day / Golf Tournament Registration Form

  1. City of Ramsey - Logo - FINAL - Uncoated
  2. Register by July 31, 2020
    Complete the following to register for the August 17, 2020 EDA Business Appreciation Day/Golf Tournament. The tournament will take place at Rum River Hills Golf Course. Registrant may pay with either check or credit card. Sponsorships also available.
  3. Sponsorship Registration Only?
  4. Check if needed for box lunch:
  5. Check if needed for box lunch:
  6. Check if needed for box lunch:
  7. Check if needed for box lunch:
  8. Golf Cart
    The plan is to allow 2 people per golf cart. If a team member has a medical issue where they will need their own cart, please check this box.
  9. Sponsorship ($100)*
    ​City Provides: Professional sign with business name at the hole, one table and two chairs. ​Business Provides: Tent, additional chairs and tables, game or information at the assigned hole (optional), promotional literature, staffing for the sponsored hole.
  10. Sponsor's Table*
    I would like to request a table and two chairs at my hole.
  11. Sponsor Presence*
    Do you plan to be present at your sponsored hole?
  12. Sponsors upload high resolution business logo here to be printed on signs for golf tournament.
  13. If you'd like to donate any items for the raffle or door prizes. Please list them here. Items for both door prizes and (@130) giveaway bags will be needed.
  14. Code of Conduct*
    It is the policy of the City of Ramsey to maintain a respectful work environment free from violence, discrimination, and offensive or degrading remarks or conduct. At the Ramsey Business Appreciation Day Event, we expect the conduct of all participants to be in concurrence with this policy and to be consistent with CDC/State guidelines associated with COVID-19. Any participant found to have acted in violation of this policy shall be subject to appropriate action, which may include dismissal from event.

    By checking this box you are acknowledging that you and your team will abide by the above policy and you will communicate it to your registered team.
  15. Payment Selection*
  16. Submit Payment
    Mail check to:
    City of Ramsey
    Attn: EDA Golf Event
    7550 Sunwood Dr NW
    Ramsey, MN 55303
    ~ or ~
    For Credit Card payments, call 763-433-9828
  17. Total Amounts
    1 participant = $75
    2 participants = $150
    3 participants = $225
    4 participants = $300
    4 participants + Sponsorship = $400
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