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Community Event Promotion Application

  1. Community Event Promotion Application
  2. IMPORTANT: Please review the Community Event Promotion Policy located at before completing this application. Applications are due to the City of Ramsey Administration Department 14 days prior to the message start date.

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    Note that if selecting multiple categories, uploading the same flyer or image multiple times (under multiple categories) is not necessary.

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    Facebook posts must adhere to the City's social media policy, located at

    Facebook posts are displayed on the City's page in the order that they were received, therefor, the City cannot guarantee the message visibility as new messages continue to be posted.

  9. (Start date may be no more than 14 days prior to the event.)

  10. Please upload an event flyer (PDF or JPG preferred), that includes the date, time, location and title of the event, along with a brief description of the event and a contact or website for more information.

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