2024 MSA Pavement Overlay Improvements (McKinley St) IP24-06

  1. Background

November 30, 2023

City Improvement Project #24-06 proposes to overlay project totals approximately 1.45 miles spread across three areas of the City. 

On November 28, 2023, the Ramsey City Council ordered Staff to prepare plans and specifications for this improvement project. Plans will be developed over the next several months, before going back to City Council to approve the final plans and authorize Staff to advertise for project bids.

Preliminary Project Schedule:

  • January / March 2024; Staff prepares the plans and specifications
  • March / April 2024; City Council approves the plans and specifications and authorizes bidding. Another letter will be mailed with more specific project timelines once the City Council approves plans and a bid opening date is set.
  • May / June 2024; bids are received and publicly opened. City Council awards a construction contract to the lowest responsible bidder.
  • Late Spring / Early Summer 2024; anticipated start of construction. City Staff will set up a pre-construction meeting with the lowest responsible bidder (awarded Contractor) and another letter will be mailed with more specific project timelines to all impacted residents
  • These dates are tentative and are therefore subject to change. 

Proposed Improvements:   

This project proposes to perform a 2-inch mill and bituminous overlay of the streets. Minor storm sewer structure repairs, typically re-grouting catch basins, is proposed. Spot concrete curb and gutter repairs will be performed to damaged curb. Repairs to watermain or sanitary sewer are not proposed with this project.

Property Impacts:

Access to abutting properties will be maintained throughout construction as best as practical. City Staff will work with property owners during construction to ensure they are informed in advance of any work that will affect and/or interrupt access to their property for any length of time. However, this is typically not an issue during pavement overlay projects as most work occurs using moving operations. Access for emergency services will be maintained throughout construction. 

Private lawn irrigation systems may be impacted by this work. Relocating and/or repairing private irrigation systems within public right of ways as needed to accommodate construction is the responsibility of the property owner. If you have a below ground irrigation system, you will be asked to mark your sprinkler heads with flags or stakes to assist the Contractor in preventing or minimizing damage to your system during construction. To help ensure that your system will not be damaged during this project, please relocate sprinkler heads and other system components located within the construction limits. City Staff will mark construction limits for you upon request.

Project Funding:

The estimated total project costs for the proposed improvements is $385,245. Estimated costs include 14-percent indirect costs for administrative, engineering, finance and legal costs. The improvements are proposed to be funded using a combination of Municipal State Aid Funds ($366,900) and Stormwater Utility Funds ($18,345). Property owners will not be assessed for these improvements. This is an estimate as identified in the proposed 2024 – 2033 CIP, and based off anticipated 2024 construction costs. The final project costs may vary dependent upon actual bid prices and quantities.