Halls Dover Acres Street Reconstruction IP24-02

  1. Background
  2. Project Updates

October 20, 2023

A public open house meeting for Halls Dover Acres Street Reconstruction will occur from 6:30 – 7:30 PM on Thursday, November 9, 2023, in the Lake Itasca Room at the Ramsey Municipal Center. The purpose of the meeting is to present information to owners of the properties that are directly impacted by this project, which is proposed to be reconstructed in 2024.

An informal presentation detailing the proposed project, along with funding sources will be shared. 

September 29, 2023

The City of Ramsey’s 2023 – 2032 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) has identified streets within the Halls Dover Acres subdivision for reconstruction in 2024. The streets within the subdivision that will be affected are generally between 157th Lane and 158th Lane, East of Nowthen Blvd (CSAH 5). Standard neighborhood traffic levels and flow will continue during the reconstruction. However, given the New Creations at the Lodge Childcare Center; 157th Lane and Nowthen Blvd are suspected to have a higher traffic count.

Sewer and water drainage exist through swales adjacent to the roadway and street crossing culverts. This City Improvement Project proposes to replace the existing culverts and review the drainage swales to determine if drainage improvements are required.

Project Timeline

August 22, 2023               City Council approves the preparation of plans and specifications

Sept. – October 2023      City Staff prepares plans and specifications

Jan. – February 2024       Ramsey City Council approves plans and authorizes bidding on project

February – March 2024  Bid opening, Ramsey City Council awards contracts

May – June 2024               Construction anticipated to begin

Summer 2024                    Construction anticipated to be finished