City-Wide Garage Sale

City of Ramsey City-wide Garage Sale

Meet your neighbors, find bargains, and rummage through miscellaneous treasures at the first annual City-wide Garage Sale!

Spring 2024 Dates and Registration

  • Saturday-Sunday, May 4-5, 2024
  • Hours advertised are 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. each day 
    (unless otherwise noted on the map)
  • Registration will open in the month of February

Map and List of Sales

A final map and list of all registered garage sales will be posted the week of the garage sale at Ramsey City Hall and distributed electronically via the website and social media.


We encourage residents to be creative and make their own sign(s). Residents can show their community pride by helping to promote Ramsey’s City-wide Garage Sale. 

2024 City-Wide Garage Sale Map

Check back at a later date. 

Garage Sale items words Garage Sale Trail

Garage Sale Safety Tips

If you are planning a garage sale at your house, here are some tips to remember.

  • Always have at least two people working.
  • Lock the doors into your home and do not let shoppers into your house to try on clothes or use the bathroom—post a sign stating a bathroom/changing area is not available.
  • Keep only a minimal amount of cash on site.
  • Keep the money on you at all times, not on a table. A fanny pack or money belt usually works well.
  • Have a phone close by to report any suspicious activity.
  • Do not accept checks.
  • Place expensive items near you.
  • Try to place all items outside of the garage and keep the garage door shut.
  • Be observant and wary of distractions.
  • Acknowledge all shoppers.
  • Do not advertise the sale as a “Moving Sale,” which implies the house may be vacant for extended periods.
  • Do not answer questions about alarm systems and daytime/nighttime occupancy.
  • Do not buy or sell used car seats. 

City Ordinance restricts the number of sales at a residence to two per year, each lasting no longer than five days. Always obtain permission from the owner before posting signs on another’s property. For more information on having a garage sale and other home safety tips, contact the Ramsey Police Department at 763-427-6812.