2022 Neighborhood Pavement Overlay Improvements IP22-04

Construction Update

May 13, 2022

On Monday, May 2, 2022 bids were publicly opened for these improvements. North Valley, Inc. of Nowthen Minnesota was the lowest responsible bidder with a bid of $732,929.10. Staff presented North Valley’s bid to City Council on Tuesday, May 10th, and City Council voted to award a construction contract for the improvements. Staff has begun working with the Contractor to get the proper paperwork finalized, and to set up a pre-construction meeting. During the pre-construction meeting, the Contractor will provide information to the City including; contact information for themselves and their subcontractors, a detailed project schedule, proposed work hours and methods of construction, plans for traffic control, and other construction related information. A letter with this information was sent out to effected residents and may be seen here.

This project includes placing inflow and infiltration (I/I) barriers on the sanitary sewer manholes. The Contractor is anticipating performing this work before the other work on-site, and depending upon weather and their schedule, may begin this work the week of May 23rd. The installation will require a temporary patch around each manhole, but the streets will remain open to traffic while the I/I barriers are being installed.

Please contact me by email at JFeriancek@cityoframsey.com or phone (763) 433-9893 with any questions related to this project in general. For questions related to construction, including any special needs or requests, please contact City project inspector Aaron Madsen by phone at (763) 286-2579 or email AMadsen@cityoframsey.com.

Update March 25, 2022

On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, Ramsey City Council approved the plans and specifications and authorized advertisement for bids for the 2022 Neighborhood Pavement Overlays. Bids will be advertised on April 1, and again on Friday April 8, 2022 in the Anoka Union Herald and in Finance & Commerce. The City bids all improvement projects online through the Quest CDN website. The website will also make notice of the proposed project to contractors.

An update letter has been mailed to property owners with updates on the project status, it may be viewed here. Project scope exhibits for the proposed neighborhoods may be viewed

Sunfish Lake Business Park 2nd Addition

Sunflower Ridge

The Ponds of Ramsey

Tiger Meadows

Staff is proposing to open bids for this project on Monday, May 2 2022. Staff reviews the bids to assure compliance with the bidding and specification requirements. The lowest responsible bidder is presented to City Council for award of a construction contract, which is currently proposed to occur on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. If a contract is awarded, the City works with the contractor to set up a pre-construction meeting, at which time the contractor will give the City it’s proposed construction schedule.

Please contact project design engineer Joe Feriancek by email at JFeriancek@cityoframsey.com or by phone at 763-433-9825 with any questions related to the project overall.


On October 19, 2021 the Ramsey Public Works Committee reviewed this project and recommended it be presented to the Ramsey City Council for approval. On October 26, 2021, the Ramsey City Council ordered plans and specifications for the City Improvement Project #22-04, 2022 Neighborhood Pavement Overlay Improvements, which proposes to overlay 2.66 miles of bituminous pavement on numerous neighborhood street segments within the following developments. Property owners will not be assessed for any of the costs for these improvements. 

  • Sunfish Lake Business Park 2nd
  • Sunflower Ridge
  • Tiger Meadows
  • The Ponds of Ramsey

City sewer and water utilities exist within all of the subdivisions except Tiger Meadows, no repairs are proposed with this project. Minor storm sewer improvements, generally including re-grouting the catch basins, is proposed with this project. 

Spot concrete curb and gutter repairs, as well as ADA compliant pedestrian ramp improvements are proposed with this project. This will occur within the Sunflower Ridge and The Ponds of Ramsey subdivisions.

Staff created the plans and specifications for this project in-house as part of their normal duties. Funding for this improvement is to come from the Pavement Management Fund and Stormwater Utility Fund.

The Engineering Staff estimate is based on anticipated 2021 construction cost, with a total estimated project cost of $857,000.

  • Street Project Cost                  $813,000
  • Storm Sewer Project Cost       $  44,000
  • Total Estimated Project Cost   $857,000

Tentative Project Schedule 

  • March 22th - City Council to Approve Plans and Specs / and Authorize Ads for Bid 
  • April 1st - and April 8th, Staff Publish Ads for Bids
  • May 2nd - Staff receives bids
  • May 10th - City Council Awards Contract to the lowest responsible bidder
  • Early June - Begin Construction
  • September 2nd - Substantially Complete
  • September 30th - Contractor Completes Construction

A link to the Construction plans will be provided on this web page when plans are approved. 

Staff encourages impacted residents to contact us with question or input regarding this project. Please contact project design engineer Joe Feriancek by email jferiancek@cityoframsey.com or by phone at 763-433-9893.