Ramsey Police Department History

The Ramsey Police Department was established in 1974. Over the last 48 years, the city's growth led to the department expanding from four sworn officers to twenty-nine. As the 50th Anniversary approaches, the department reflects on its history and the many changes that have occurred.

Chief Jeff Katers remarked, “Long gone are the days of handwriting police reports and recording calls for police service on index cards.  (Yes, cards like your grandmother wrote recipes on).  Today’s Ramsey Police Officer has the latest training, technology, and information readily available.  Never has the job been more technical and demanding.  However, the reward of serving and helping people during their greatest time of need remains timeless.  The types of calls for service and the expectations of police officers continue to change, but our department stands ready to serve to the best of our ability."

Ramsey Police Patches

The Ramsey Police Department has worn three significantly different patch designs throughout its history and is excited to introduce the new patch! The phased transition to the new patch will begin in 2022.

"Our community and the police department have seen many changes through the years, and this new patch reflects our changing history." Chief Katers said. "This new patch reminds us of the city we value and the community we serve and protect with courage, integrity, and honor."

Congratulation to our Patch Coloring Contest Winners!

Patch Coloring Sheet

Patch Contest Winners