Highway 10 South Small Area Plan


The Highway 10 South Small Area Plan is a planning process to help guide future land use in the area south of Highway 10 between Armstrong Boulevard and Bowers Drive. 

There is a pending development proposal on a portion of this planning area. While some development may occur on the remainder of the planning area at a future date, there are no current development proposals to review.

May 14 Webinar Registration


The City will host a webinar for those interested in learning more about the land use planning area south of Highway 10 between Bowers Drive and Armstrong Boulevard and how the City plans to manage public input during future steps. No formal Land Use Applications have been submitted, but the City has been reviewing land use plans with developers and expects an application to be submitted soon.

This webinar will not replace traditional public workshops, but provide updates on our process and requirements to better prepare for future public input opportunities.

Thursday, May 14, 2020, 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Register Online at www.cityoframsey.com/development or call 763-433-9826. The webinar will have a call in option as well for those wanting to use telephone instead of computer. You do need to register ahead of time.

First and foremost, let us acknowledge that we are in unprecedented times during this current public health pandemic. The City is working to balance the need to protect public health with the ability of the public to engage with key policy decisions and maintain a continuum of services. The City is still obligated to respond to certain requests such as land use applications. Additionally, we desire to ensure a healthy economy moving forward. With that in mind, we have scheduled a webinar to provide an opportunity to learn more about the potential development  and how the City will be working to ensure your voice is heard in the event we are required to take action on the request. In addition, Staff is still on hand to interact via phone and email prior to, during and after the webinar. We are committed to providing you with a range of opportunities to weigh in on this project. This will not be the official public hearing, but a way for the City to be transparent in our review process and lay out opportunities to comment.

The City has been discussing a potential detached single-family development on a portion of this planning area with Capstone Homes. No formal applications have been submitted. This is an opportunity for you as residents to be part of the design process, rather than simply reacting to a completed proposal. The City has put up a resource page for the Highway 10 Planning Area at  www.cityoframsey.com/development.

The City strives for a more collaborative public engagement process and involving residents much earlier in the decision making process.  The developer will be in attendance. Please note that if the project moves forward, there will be additional opportunities for public comment, including the official public hearing at a future date.

We value your input in this important neighborhood decision. Please let us know if you have any questions. If you are unable to attend, there are many other ways to submit comment. We are available by phone at 763-433-9826 or by email at planning@cityoframsey.com. You can also request hard copies of materials (costs may apply) through this contact as well.

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