Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is focused on activities relating to City employees. The City of Ramsey employs full-time and part-time employees, paid-on-call firefighters and many seasonal and temporary employees; and assists with the management of contracted services and volunteers. Human Resources is responsible for recruiting and interviewing for all positions; including coordinating boards and commissions recruitments. The department is responsible for developing and maintaining position descriptions; conducting new employee orientation, administering benefits programs, conducting performance appraisals; and maintaining employee files and training records. Human Resources also responds to claims for unemployment compensation and manages the workers compensation insurance program. Additionally, the department coordinates the City’s compliance with state and federal employment laws and negotiates labor contracts with the City’s four bargaining units (AFSCME, LELS Captains, LELS Sergeants and LELS Patrol). Human Resources responds to union grievances and manages all employee discipline issues, consulting with employment law attorneys when necessary.