Water System

The City of Ramsey has grown from a trading community of 670 people in 1950, experiencing very rapid growth in the 70s, to estimated 28,000 people today. The municipal water system began with the first well being installed in 1985. Today, Ramsey gets its water from eight deep wells, which are finished in the Ironton-Galesville aquifer and consist of approximately 100 miles of water mains. There are about 5,600 water service connections and 1200 fire hydrants. The City's three water towers have a combined water storage capacity of four million gallons. Chlorine and fluoride are added to the water for disinfection and dental hygiene.

The average daily water usage of the City today is about 1.75 million gallons. It can peak at over six million gallons on sweltering dry summer days due to lawn sprinkling.