Ramsey is a suburban city in the northwestern part of Anoka County, with a population of 28,202. Two rivers dominate its borders, the Rum River and the Mississippi River.

First Settlement

The first settlement in Ramsey began because of trading along the banks of the Mississippi. Many settlers came here on a steamboat called "The Governor Ramsey," named after our first territorial governor. This is how the city acquired the name.

Early Homes

Only a few of Ramsey's first houses and structures remain today. The most notable structure of historical significance is identified on the National Register of Historic Places, the Old Ramsey Town Hall, located west of Highway 47 just north of County Road 116. This structure was built during the 19th century and was initially used as a schoolhouse. A significant effort has been made to preserve and maintain this building, which currently sits vacant, waiting for an occupant.


Ramsey Township was incorporated as a City on November 12, 1974. At the time, the population was roughly 8,000 people.


Many people have chosen to live in Ramsey because of its rural character, wetlands, wildlife and housing choices. Our city is a mixture of farms, single-family homes on large parcels of land and single-family homes on urban-sized lots ranging from starter homes to executive-style homes. New to our city is senior housing apartments and rambler-style townhomes. Our city's development slowed from 1997 to 2000, but in 2001 it showed growth in townhome and single-family housing development within the urban services area. Our city boasts a growing business district. This district has three business parks: Energy Park, Business Park 1995 and Gateway Park. Since 1995, we have added 1,755,660 square feet of industrial space. We are proud of our commitment to attract economically and environmentally sound commercial development.

Future Growth

Our City staff and City Council are working hard to give order and control over future growth to continually provide employment opportunities to our citizens and provide for our future with a steady tax base. We are proud to have Connexus Energy as our lead employer. Looking ahead, our city is working toward a retail and commercial area that includes restaurants, shopping, entertainment and employment opportunities. Ramsey is served by two school districts, Elk River Number 728 and Anoka-Hennepin Number 11. Anoka-Hennepin students have exceeded the state average on the Minnesota Basic Standards in math, reading, and writing. Scores of Anoka-Hennepin students on college entrance exams are well above the national average in all areas tested.