Free Bystander CPR & AED Training Sessions

Next Training Session:

For information on where Heart Safe Ramsey will be hosting the next training session, or to request a session for your group, please visit our Heart Safe page or visit Heart Safe on Facebook.

Details of the class include:

  • You will learn CPR and AED use
  • Free to all Ramsey residents and businesses
  • Learn the difference between Heart Attacks and SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest)
  • Learn about the Good Samaritan Law
  • See the international award-winning video featuring a local SCA story

Please note that this is not a recertification class. The class teaches bystander CPR and AED use. The Good Samaritan Law, regardless of certification status, protects you. If you witness a Sudden Cardiac Arrest - Do Not Wait for the Help, Be the Help!