Trott Brook Cemetery

Trott Brook Cemetery is located on Highway 47, just north of 173rd Avenue. It is still an active cemetery. The City of Ramsey became the "owner" of the cemetery in 1989. The cemetery is approximately one acre in size, view the plot layout (PDF). If you are interested in learning more about Trott Brook Cemetery, you may read Trott Brook Cemetery Genealogy written by Carl J. Hoffstedt in January of 2005.

Trott Brook Cemetery

Cemetery Records

It may be interesting to know that original cemetery records dating back to the late 1800s were recorded on a window shade from Trott Brook School. In 2005, the City contracted with Hakanson Anderson to locate the cemetery's grave markers, trees, and other topographic features. Ground-penetrating radar was used to determine accurate burial locations. Approximately 170 lots have been recorded and identified. View the Trott Brook Cemetery inventory (PDF).

Rules & Regulations

Rules and regulations for the Trott Brook Cemetery were drafted based on a review of other municipal cemetery policies and recommendations from staff and committee members. Rules and regulations were drafted for purchasing grave lots, interments, disinterments, maintenance and care, monuments and markers, and plantings and decorations.

View the Trott Brook Cemetery Rules and Regulations (PDF).

Purchasing a Lot

To purchase a lot or for additional information, please email Dan Bray or call 763-433-9815.

Foster Cemetery

Foster Cemetery is located in the city's southern area around 143rd Avenue NW and Jasper Street NW and is no longer an active cemetery. It is thought that Foster Cemetery was deeded to the City in 1865.