Parks and Recreation

Nestled within 29 square miles of natural beauty, Ramsey, with its population of approximately 28,000, is fortunate to be known for its natural resources. The Rum and Mississippi Rivers border more than half of the City, and over 15 percent of its area is protected wetlands.

Establishing parks and creating quality recreational and open space opportunities remains a high priority for the City. There are approximately 500 acres of existing municipal parkland and two regional parks with varying amenities, creating a comprehensive system with many diverse opportunities to recreate and enjoy the natural environment.

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Responsibilities & Services

Planning, development, and maintenance of the City's public land are entrusted to the parks department, which is responsible for approximately 565 acres of park and trail corridors, much of it still in its natural state. Services performed by the department include:

  • Athletic field maintenance
  • Construction of new or maintenance of existing parks
  • Enhancement and restoration of natural resources
  • Landscaping
  • Mowing
  • Planting

More than 20,000 staff hours are invested in the park and trail system maintenance each year, with 10,000 of these hours contributed by high school and college students in the summer.