Storm Drainage System

Surface water drainage in the City of Ramsey is generally in a southeasterly direction and with few exceptions ends up in the Rum and/or the Mississippi River. The City of Ramsey is totally located within the Lower Rum River Watershed Management Organization.

The City of Ramsey is responsible for maintenance of its storm drainage system, which includes pipes, constructed ponds, lakes, wetlands, ditches, swales, and other drainage ways.

Ecological Characteristics

In addition to more typical maintenance measures, maintenance of the City's storm drainage system may also mean maintaining or restoring the ecological characteristics of the natural portions of the storm drainage system. The City of Ramsey recognizes the importance of maintaining all of the City's storm drainage facilities. Proper maintenance will ensure that the storm drainage system provides the necessary flood control and water quality treatment.

Private Storm Water Facilities

Owners of private storm water facilities are responsible for maintaining their facilities in proper condition, consistent with the original performance design standards. Responsibilities include removal and proper disposal of all settled materials from ponds, sumps, grit chambers, and other devices, including settled solids.