Operation ID

Operation ID is a program for identifying your valuables to make them less desirable to steal. Operation ID has two parts:

  1. Document the serial numbers on all your easily stolen valuables so they can be identified as yours.
  2. Display a sticker which tells burglars that you have marked your property.

Why It's Effective

What makes Operation ID so effective is that easily identified property is hard for a burglar to sell. It can be traced back to you. And, if the burglar is caught with items in his / her possession, it’s solid evidence of possession of stolen goods.

Many times we take burglary reports from residents who did not know the make, model, or serial number of their stolen property. This makes it difficult for us to recover their valuables. Often during our investigations, we come across property that we know to be stolen, but we are unable to trace the owners. By using Operation ID, your valuables will be traceable back to you.

Get Started

Here is how you get started:

  • Call 763-427-6812 to request your Operation ID number.
  • Personal Property Inventory forms and Operation ID stickers will be mailed to you.
  • Identify the valuables in your home and garage.
  • Record the item, brand, model and serial number on the Personal Property Inventory forms.
  • Make copies of the Personal Property Inventory forms. One copy should be kept at a secure location outside your home.

Your Operation ID number is yours for life. If you move, please contact our office so we can update your information.