Rental Housing Licensing

Photo house with flowers in front In September, the City Council adopted an ordinance overhauling the rental licensing program into a licensing program that includes annual property inspections and a crime-free housing component that will take effect at the start of 2024.  

The current program is essentially a registration of properties as rentals. The new program will have scheduled annual visits to ensure that the homes and exterior properties meet minimum standards in the City and the International Property Maintenance Code. 

The inspections have three benefits. First, they help Ramsey residents living in rental properties have a living environment that meets standards. Second, they help neighbors of rental properties enjoy their neighborhood by keeping the maintenance of the yards and exteriors of rental properties up. Third, they provide the investment property owner with a documented record of the property's conditions to assist them with potential lease violations for property damage. 

Rental licenses that were issued prior to January 1, 2024, must receive a new license under the new program.  A $25 credit will be applied to applications where the previous license was not expired.  All residential rental property in Ramsey is required to be licensed annually and inspected on a regular schedule. 

Currently, the Code Enforcement Officer licenses and inspects rental properties in the Community. A dedicated Housing Inspector will be hired in the spring of 2024.  For more information or questions contact Dana Verbeek at 763-433-9824.

Property Maintenance Code

Property maintenance is guided by the Rental Licensing Code, Zoning Code, and the International Property Maintenance Code (IMPC). The IPMC regulates exterior property maintenance for all properties as well as interior maintenance for rental properties. 

Crime-Free Housing Training

All property owners or an agent for the property must complete a training. Certification proving completion of this course must be provided within one year of issuance of a new license.  If you have taken a class in another community that was sponsored by the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association within the past year, we will honor that course.  Please attach your certificate of completion with the application.

Landlords & Tenants Booklet

The Minnesota State Attorney General has a booklet for landlords and tenants titled Landlord and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities. This booklet can be downloaded and printed.