2024 Pavement Rejuvenator Improvements IP24-09

  1. Background
  2. Project Updates

December 29, 2023

In 2019, the City Council indefinitely suspended seal coat improvements due to observed issues of pavement striping under seal coat, which causes approximately the top inch of pavement to strip away from underlying pavement. These areas of striping originally show as small spots in the surface of the pavement, but quickly migrate across the pavement into large sections.

In alignment with many other metro cities confronted with these same pavement issues, Staff feels pavement rejuvenators will provide the greatest overall benefit at the lowest cost. The City is proposing to use Reclamite, a maltene-based petroleum product with the ability to penetrate into asphalt pavement and restore reactive components (maltenes) that have been lost due to the natural process of oxidation.

Reclamite has been used nationally for more than 50 years and is proven to ad 5 to 7 years of service life to pavements. The application is intended to be performed on pavements 5 years old or less, though several cities are completing pilot project applications on pavement sections older than 5 years. Staff will continue to monitor such applications and adjust future projects within the City of Ramsey based on observed results.