2024 Crack Seal Improvements IP24-08

  1. Background
  2. Project Updates

December 29, 2023

Crack seal improvements are completed annually, on between 10 and 23 miles of public street segments to cost-effectively maximize the life of the bituminous pavement.

Crack sealing protects pavement by preventing stormwater runoff from seeping through cracks in the pavement and joints between the pavement and concrete curb and gutter, and utility castings. Reducing future pavement damage due to wet subgrade soils, especially during freeze-thaw cycles.

The City’s current pavement maintenance schedule calls for public streets to be crack sealed the third, seventh, and fourteenth year following construction, reconstruction, and overlay improvements. However, while this is the typical maintenance schedule it is important to note that Staff reviews the condition of all streets annually and adjusts the schedule of maintenance operations based on actual pavement conditions.