Potential Amendment to The COR Development Plan

The City of Ramsey is considering amendments to the master plan for The COR. For more information, please visit the link below.

Introduction and Background

The COR encompasses over 400 acres of commercial, residential, and recreational venues, The COR is becoming the most active development in the north metro with over $80m in active projects. In addition to being the largest TOD development assemblage on the Northstar Commuter Rail Line, The COR is located on one of the fastest growing corridors in the Midwest. Existing structured parking and infrastructure positions The COR to attract development that makes sense, grows jobs, and expands the regional economy. Whether you are enjoying The COR's many parks and trails, shopping at the farmers market, commuting to downtown Minneapolis, or just relaxing in your home, The COR offers residents and visitors an authentic lifestyle that comes with living in a city that reflects those who call this area home.

In 2003, groundbreaking occurred under the original Master Plan.  In 2011, the City approved The COR Development Plan to replace the original Ramsey Town Center Master Plan. In addition, in 2012 the City approved a new document entitled The COR Design Framework. This document incorporates specific design elements and site plan information from both the original Master Plan document as well as the former Ramsey Town Center Design Guidelines. Rather than having two (2) separate documents specifying private and public design components, the City chose to merge these two (2) documents into one (1) concise document for ease of administration.

The COR is a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) along the Northstar Commuter Rail. The Ramsey Station is the key node of the development. With the revised Development Plan, the energy of the development was refocused towards this center, as well as within a half-mile radius of this node. A portion of the development fall outside the official TOD Area (half-mile radius from the Ramsey Station). A portion of the land use designation and zoning district extend further beyond these limits, located west of Armstrong Boulevard.

Master Plan and Design Requirements

Districts and Neighborhoods

Parks and Public Spaces Plan (DRAFT Format)


Real Estate Listings in The COR

There are several development opportunities in The COR, including City-owned parcels. The City's Economic Development Department maintains an active database of available properties.