Predatory Offenders

The Ramsey Police Department is committed to keeping our community safe and informed. Minnesota law provides the opportunity for us to provide residents with the kind information you need to make decisions with regard to the safety and welfare of you as a citizens and your children.

We release information pursuant to Minnesota Statute 244.052 which authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a predatory offender's release from prison, or a secure treatment facility, when that agency believes that the release of information will enhance public safety.

Predatory offenders are required by law to register with local authorities, and to keep authorities apprised of any subsequent changes in residence.  We conduct compliance checks on predatory offenders living in Ramsey, which ensures they are living within our borders, and are in compliance. Investigations are conducted on those found to be noncompliant.

You can search for predatory offenders based on your location at the MN Department of Corrections web site.

Personal safety resources:  Jacob Wetterling Foundation