Performance Measurement
How is my municipality performing?

The purpose of this page is to display organizational performance measurement data for the City of Ramsey.  This page is Ramsey residents', businesses' and property owners' one-stop-shop for citizen survey results, basic local government performance measurements and business surveys results.  Cities benefit from conducting performance measurements by developing performance baselines; which can be utilized by elected officials and tax payers to make educated policy decisions.   For more information or assistance, please contact the Administration Department by calling 763.427.1410.

In 2010, the State legislature created the Council on Local Results and Innovation.  In 2011, the Innovation Council developed and released a standard of performance measurements for Cities and Counties; with the goal of aiding residents, taxpayers, and state and local elected officials in determining the efficacy of Counties and Cities in providing services, and measure residents' opinions of those services.

Cities that elect to participate in the standard measures program must officially adopt and implement a minimum of ten standard performance measures.  Participating entities must report their results to the State Auditor and make them available to all interested parties by publishing them on the Auditor's web site.  Lastly, results must be provided to local residents through publication, direct mailing, posting on a web site or through a public hearing.

2014, 2016
One time every two years the City Council conducts a comprehensive citizen survey.  Ramsey utilizes the standardized "National Citizen Survey" as a base model for their local survey. This work is completed by a third party professional surveying firm.  Results are statistically significant with a +/- 5% margin of error.  Sample sizes (actual responses) include about 400 randomly selected residents.

The purpose of this survey is to gather detailed, comprehensive, feedback from residents related to the services provided by the City of Ramsey.  This information helps elected officials better understand Ramsey residents' expectations and priorities as they consider policy decisions.


One time every two to three years, the Ramsey Police Department conducts a survey of all Ramsey businesses.  The purpose of this survey is to garner input from Ramsey businesses related to public safety services; and to provide an opportunity for Ramsey businesses to receive crime prevention tips.  The most recent survey was completed in 2014.

In addition to the Police Department survey, City Economic Development staff conducts several business visits annually.  The purpose of these visits is to receive input from Ramsey businesses related to local government services and to provide updates/information related to the City of Ramsey.  The most recently summary of business visits was completed in 2012.

In 2016, the City of Ramsey Community Development Department created a new survey for Building Permit customers. The purpose of this survey is to receive input on response times and quality of plan review and inspections. The 2016 survey results are found here.

The survey is now an ongoing survey available for any customer at the completion of their project, and can be found online at