QCTV Viewership Highest in Metro Area

A survey of Comcast customers confirms that residents like their cable TV and the programs produced by QCTV. City Council meetings come out on top as the most-watched programming on QCTV, and viewership of QCTV programs is the highest in the metro area.

Overall, 46% of cable television subscribers report watching their government channel either “frequently” or “occasionally.”   This result is above the metro area norm for viewership of city government programming by five percent.     

Council meetings across the four cities of Andover, Anoka, Champlin, and Ramsey is 32% followed by the monthly city news program News & Views with 26%.

The Community Channel features local programs, and draws 47% share of cable viewers.  Four programs possess above average audiences:  “election coverage, including candidate forums,” at 23%; “Live and Local,” at 19%; “It’s Your History” and “high school sports,” both at 17%.     

These survey results support the organization’s continued efforts to provide local programming valued by residents and the national recognition bestowed on QCTV for Overall Excellence by the Alliance for Community Media.

Watch QCTV programs now
Comcast customers tune to Channels 15 (SD) or 859 (HD) for community programming and Channel 16 for city programming. Or watch online at qctv.org.

QCTV web site streams programs
A sizable 72% of survey respondents have access to the Internet.  Among subscribers having Internet access, 28% report visiting QCTV’s web site.  In total, 20% of cable television subscribers visited QCTV’s web site. 

A higher than normal thirty-one percent of cable subscribers report awareness of the availability of QCTV’s programs for online viewing and13% have done so.  Among viewers of these programs, 79% do so on at least an “occasional” basis; sixteen percent typically watch QCTV programs on the web site “live,” 61% use “video-on-demand,” and 21% do both. 

QCTV launched a new web site following the survey that streams the community channel on the homepage and each city’s government channel on a separate city page. The web site also added a searchable database of archived programs. QCTV programs are available for purchase either DVD or download.

Election coverage featured on QCTV
The 2016 election is underway and so is QCTV coverage of election forums. Check out the web site Elections tab at the top of the web site to see election programs affecting local residents. New this year is Minnesota Supreme Court Judge candidate forum. Watch online now at qctv.org.

Comcast service findings
Locally, residents report better-than-average service from Comcast.

The cable TV service provided by Comcast is among the highest rated in the Greater Metropolitan Area. Eighty-seven percent rate the service favorably; in fact, 20% rate it as “excellent.” Unfavorable ratings are only 13%, almost one-half of the Greater Metropolitan Area norm.

More important, on the major complaint facing all cable television service providers, 66% rate the value of the cable television service relative to the quality of the service as “excellent” or “good;” thirty-five percent see it as “only fair” or “poor.”   The 66% positive value rating is about 12% higher than the Metropolitan Area average.

Customer service rating higher than the industry norm
Fifty-six percent of the subscribers had contact with the cable company either in person or by telephone during the past year. A very solid 87% rate the level of service they received as “excellent” or “good;” thirteen percent see it as “only fair” or “poor.” Customer ratings of the level of service prove to be much higher than the norm.  The threshold for high quality customer service in the private sector is 75% satisfaction; the cable company’s satisfaction rating is 87%.  Critical respondents point to “rudeness,” at 40%, “long wait time for service on the telephone,” at 13%, “problem not solved” and “slowness in solving the problem,” “did not listen,” and “bait and switch pricing,” each at 10%. These survey results have been shared with Comcast.

About the survey:
Morris Leatherman Group conducted the survey. This study contains the results of a sample of 400 randomly selected Comcast Cable Television customers from lists provided by the Cable Company.  Professional interviewers conducted the survey by telephone between January 6th and 20th, 2016.  The sample was stratified by city to insure equal representation of each community.  The typical respondent took 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire.  The non-response level was 3.5%.  The results of the study are projectable to all cable television subscribers residing in the Quad Cities Cable Television Area within ± 5.0 % in 95 out of 100 cases. 

About QCTV:
Quad Cities Community Television is a programming entity managed by the Joint Powers Commission – Quad Cities Cable Communications Commission. The commission is comprised of two commissioners from each of our four member cities. QCTV provides information on city government, local sports, and community activities for the northern Twin Cities suburban cities of Andover, Anoka, Champlin, and Ramsey. The video programming and information is presented via local cable channels 15 (SD) 859 (HD), 16, 18, and 19 on the cable TV system owned and operated by Comcast.

Channel 16 is an exclusive government channel for each city we serve and provides cablecasts of local municipal meetings and our signature program – News and Views, featuring city services and activities. In addition, these local channels display an electronic bulletin board containing information regarding council agendas and city events.

All four cities receive the same community channel 15 with local programs and channel 18 programmed by the Anoka-Hennepin School District. Informational channel 19 is a community bulletin board that displays upcoming community events.