Bolton & Menk Awarded 2016 Ramsey Businses of the Year

Bolton & Menk Business of the Year

For the past ten years, the employees of Bolton & Menk, Inc. have served the Ramsey community through their engineering services, innovative technologies, and community-based outreach. For the company’s outstanding effort, The Ramsey Economic Development Authority has named Bolton & Menk the 2016 Ramsey Business of the Year. Nominees for this award are selected based on their exemplary standing in each of these four categories: length of tenure in Ramsey, number of employees, community involvement, and company uniqueness.

Bolton & Menk was established in 1949 and eventually incorporated in 1960. An employee-owned company, Bolton & Menk’s 15 offices provide engineering, planning, environmental, and surveying services to more than 225 communities and agencies in Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota. The firm’s staff of over 450 employees takes pride in developing these services to meet the needs of the municipalities they serve.

The City of Ramsey has benefited significantly from Bolton & Menk’s presence in the community. The Ramsey location has continued to expand and develop since its start in 2006. Despite opening shortly before the economic downturn of 2008, Bolton & Menk has been able to support a growing staff of 36 employees at the Ramsey location.   At Bolton & Menk, staff is trained to consider new and innovative technologies in designing, planning, and building for tomorrow. They are committed to improving quality of life through engineering excellence and client service.

Bolton & Menk has shown continuous support of the Ramsey community through its partnership with many community events, including sponsorship of the annual Happy Days Festival, EDA Business Appreciation Golf Tournament, Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce events, events through Youth First Community of Promise, and more. Employees of Bolton & Menk are also active members of The City of Ramsey Foundation and the Ramsey Rotary.

The City of Ramsey and the Ramsey EDA are pleased to recognize Bolton & Menk as the 2016 Ramsey Business of the Year. Please join us in congratulating them on their achievement.