Floodplain Concerns.  In December 2015, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain maps were officially updated.  The map updating process actually began back in 2011 and the base data that was used did not include the now available LiDAR information that provides more accurate topography data.  This has resulted in some homeowners being notified by their mortgage company of the need to obtain flood insurance when, in fact, it may not actually be required.  As a result, Anoka County representatives recently met with DNR staff and staff from the offices of Senator Klobuchar and Senator Franken as well as staff from Representative Emmer’s office.  One outcome of that meeting is that the County will be sending targeted mailings out to those property owners that appear to potentially qualify for an exemption to the flood insurance requirement.

City staff has taken a number of inquiries from residents regarding notices they have received from their mortgage company stating that they now need flood insurance.  Staff has tried to assist property owners by providing more detailed topographic information (based on LiDAR) and map exhibits as well as pointing them to additional resources that can be found on the DNR’s floodplain page.  Furthermore, staff has, where applicable, informed property owners about the potential ability to apply for a Letter of Map Amendment – Out as Shown (LOMA-OAS), which does not require the services of a licensed surveyor.  Finally, Staff has also done some modelling of floodplain areas that did not have a Base Flood Elevation determined (the Base Flood Elevation is needed when attempting to qualify for an exemption to the flood insurance requirement) by FEMA in an attempt to further assist property owners attempting to get an exemption from the flood insurance requirement.