Sanitary Sewer Backups

Property owners are encouraged to check their insurance policies to make sure they are covered in case of a sewer back up. If there is any doubt, contact your agent and review your coverage, because not all policies contain this coverage.

The City of Ramsey is not automatically responsible when a sewer backup occurs. There are many reasons why backups occur, which the City cannot control, such as inappropriate items being put into the system, or tree roots obstructing the lines. Generally, the City is responsible only if it was negligent in maintaining the main sewer lines. Our sanitary sewer system consists of approximately 63 miles of main line. The City of Ramsey’s maintenance policy is that we clean 1/3 of our sanitary sewer system annually and televise 1/10 of the system annually.

Regardless of where a blockage is found, in the City's main sewer line or in an individual sewer line, in most cases the property owner is responsible for the cleanup costs. The City or its insurer will pay for cleanup costs only if the City negligently failed to maintain its sewer line.

Always call the City of Ramsey Public Works Department if you are experiencing a sewer backup affecting all of your property's drains or if you do not have water.  The City will work with you to identify the cause of the problem.  If there is a blockage in one of the City's main sewer lines, the City will attempt to clear the blockage.

Please call:

    o   Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. - Public Works Department at 763-427-8254
    o   After-hours emergencies – Anoka County Dispatch 763-427-1212

Contact the Public Works Utility Department at 763-433-9861 with questions regarding the City's sanitary sewer maintenance program, sewer backup response, or a specific incident.