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This page contains information on the City of Ramsey's economic development team, available leasable space, for sale property, a community profile and other economic development resources.

About the Development Team
The City's Economic Development team consists of it's City Administrator, Assistant City Administrator\Economic Development Manager and the City's preferred broker CBRE. The Development Team also employs the support of economic development consultants as necessary. The development team works closely with the Economic Development Authority, who is involved in redevelopment projects, retaining existing businesses, and marketing the City's available land. The City/EDA is pro-active in supporting projects that assist in the (re)development of blighted areas, greenfield sites and more.


Sites for Sale

  • 156th Avenue NW (Remax)
  • 142nd & St Francis Boulevard (Premier Commerical Properties)
  • 6575 NW 141st Avenue (Premier Commerical Properties)
  • 5909 167th Avenue NW (Arrow Companies)
  • 8000 Highway 10 NW (Premier Commerical Properties)
  • 7245 Highway 10 NW (Premier Commercial Properties)
  • 9457 State Highway 10 (Remax)
  • 7550 Highway 10 (Premier Commercial Properties)
  • 6885 1369th Lane NW Ste 100 (Gaughan Companies)
  • 9349 Highway 10 (KW Commercial)
  • 9500 156th Avenue (CBRE)
  • 14700 Armstrong Boulevard NW (KW Commercial)
  • Armstrong Boulevard NW & Bunker Lake Boulevard (CBRE)
  • Sunfish Lake Boulevard Lot (Rock Solid Commercial)
  • xxxSunfish Lake Boulevard (Remax)
  • 13981 Unity Street NW (Collier International)
  • 153rd Avenue NW (Minnesota Land Professionals)
  • 6314 US 10 (Kontor Realty Group)

Sites for Sale or Lease

  • 6575 NW 141st Avenue (Premier Commercial Properties)
  • 9457 State Highway 10 (Remax)
  • 13981 Unity Street NW (Collier International)
  • 5900 167th Avenue NW (5th Street Ventures)

Sites for Lease

  • 7876-7988 Sunwood Drive (Phillips Edison & Company)
  • 9431 Alpine Drive (Remax)
  • 9457 State Highway 10 (Remax)
  • 8035 Riverdale Drive NW (Premier Commercial Properties) 
  • 6314 US 10 (Kontor Realty Group)
  • 7550 Sunwood Drive NW (Premier Commercial Properties)
  • 5300 Alpine Drive (Premier Commercial Properties)
  • 14001 St Francis Boulevard (Premier Commercial Properties)
  • 7129 Highway 10 (Rock Solid Commercial)
  • 14050 St Francis Boulevard
  • 14300 Sunfish Lake Boulevard (Rock Solid Commercial)
  • 14700 Armstrong Boulevard NW (KW Commercial)
  • 6250 Bunker Lake Boulevard (Sharp and Associates)
  • 13981 Unity Street NW (Collier International)
  • 14000 Sunfish Lake Boulevard & 6451 McKinley Street NW (Sharp and Associates)
  • 6415 Highway 10 (Suntide)
  • 6390 mcKinley Street NW (Gaughan Companies)
  • 7101 143rd Avenue NW (Sharp and Associates)
  • 6575 NW 141st Avenue (Premier Commercial Properties)
  • 6230 NW McKinley Street (Premier Commercial Properties)
  • 13950 Radium St NW Ste 500/600 (Premier Commercial Properites)


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Looking for Design and Approval Standards or Future Land Use Studies

The Community Development Department handles inquiries regarding permitting and design standards for new construction as well as responding to questions about future land use studies (i.e. what is happening to the vacant piece of property near my home). The Community Development Department can be reached at 763.433.9824 or

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 Contact Information

ED Manager Brama
Patrick Brama
Assistant City Administrator &
Economic Development Manager