Ramsey2040 (2040 Comprehensive Plan Update)

Click here for the project webpage for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update (including RSVP for workshops).

Existing Comprehensive Plan (2030 Comprehensive Plan)

For more information on the City's Comprehensive Plan or the Metropolitan Council's regional planning process, please contact:

Tim Gladhill
Community Development Director

Regional Planning Documents

The Metropolitan Council has approved the following Regional Planning Documents:

  • ThriveMSP 2040 (Regional Development Framework
  • Transportation Policy Plan
  • Water Resources Policy Plan
  • Regional Parks Policy Plan
  • Housing Policy Plan

Click this link to be taken to the Metropolitan Council webpage for a copy of these documents.

The City has provided comment on each of these planning documents above. Copies of these responses will be added to this website soon.

Metropolitan Council System Statement for Ramsey

The Metropolitan Council has issued a System Statement for Ramsey. Click this link for a copy of Ramsey's System Statement.

This document starts the Comprehensive Plan Update Process for Ramsey. In the coming months, more information about how to get involved with this process will be provided. The City is committed to an open and collaborative process to develop a long-range land use plan for the community, using a ground-up approach. The following resources will guide how you can get involved and develop the agenda as to how the City will move forward.

The documents above are DRAFT. The City expects to finalize these documents and have the Work Plan in place to begin review the beginning of 2016. Check back to this website and future Ramsey Resident newsletters for more information regarding this process.

Contact Tim Gladhill, Community Development Director, at 763.433.9826 or tgladhill@cityoframsey.com for more information.

City of Ramsey Gathers Feedback on Comprehensive Plan to Guide Comment on ThriveMSP 2040

The City of Ramsey recently hosted a citizen engagement opportunity to kick off review of the Metropolitan Council's update to the Regional Framework, which will ultimately lead to an opportunity for the community to review its own Comprehensive Plan. Results of this process can be found here.


In accordance with Minnesota Statute Chapter 473, every ten (10) years, the City completes an update to the Comprehensive Plan with the Metropolitan Council. The Comprehensive Plan is the City's plan for future land uses. The Plan includes assumptions on physical development throughout the community and is a vision for how the City will evolve over the next twenty (20) years. The Comprehensive Plan is an important document that helps guide public facilities, areas of preservation and development, and development of various zoning guidance. In 2008, the City completed a draft of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

[Update: October 28, 2013] The Metropolitan Council has issued preliminary forecasts for households, population, and employment through the year 2040. These are not official forecasts, but an opportunity for local communities to review the model and provide initial feedback prior to the final modeling and official comment period. The City Council, Planning Commission, and Economic Development Authority will be discussing preliminary responses on October 29, 2013 at a Joint Meeting. The Planning Commission will discuss in more detail at their November Meeting. Check back to this webpage as more information is available.

NEWS UPDATE: The Comprehensive Plan Update, which is completed every ten years, is a part of the regional planning cycle completed by the Metropolitan Council. The process starts with the Census, which was most recently completed in 2010. The next step in the process is an update to the Regional Framework, which the Metropolitan Council has branded as Thrive MSP 2040. The Regional Framework addresses regional facilities such as transportation, parks and open space, sanitary sewer, as well as forecasts for households, population, and employment for the region as a whole. The Regional Framework sets the stage for System Statements for local areas used in individual Comprehensive Plan Updates. System Statements are anticipated to be completed by 2015, with local Comprehensive Plan Updates due at the end of 2018. For more information on Thrive MSP 2040, click here.

Cover and Acknowledgements
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Vision, Values, and Goals
Chapter 3: Background
Chapter 4: Assumptions
Chapter 5: Land Use
Chapter 6: Transportation
Chapter 7: Housing
Chapter 8: Sewer
Chapter 9: Water Supply
Chapter 10: Parks, Recreation, and Open Space
Chapter 11: Mississippi River Crtitical Area
Chapter 12: Economic Development
Chapter 13: Environmental Protection
Chapter 14: Community Identity
Chapter 15: Public Facilities
Chapter 16: Implementation

Since the initial approval of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, the City has approved three (3) Comprehensive Plan Amendments. Information on these amendments will be posted soon. These projects include:

Legacy Christian Academy (Residential [various] to Public/Quasi-Public)
Stoney River (Commercial to High Density Residential [for senior housing project])
South East Intersection of Nowthen Boulevard NW and Green Valley Road NW (Commercial to Low Density Residential [revert to residential])
Outlot A, Tooth Acres (revert back to Commercial from Medium Density Residential)
The COR (amendment of the original Ramsey Town Center Master Plan)