Code Violations

The city of Ramsey has put in place certain ordinances to take all reasonable measures to prevent activities that maintain or permit a condition that unreasonably annoys, injures or endangers the health, morals, decency, safety or public peace and affect the comfortable enjoyment of life or property for our citizens.

Below is a list of the most common violations.

Do you think there is a violation in the city?

After carefully reviewing the descriptions and ordinances below, if you feel there is a violation occurring within the city, please contact dispatch at 763.427.1212 to speak to an officer.


  • Exposed decaying food/vegetable matter
  • Accumulation of garbage (not in a closed container)
  • Appliances, plumbing fixtures, furniture, equipment, scrap wood, unused construction materials, stockpiles of rocks or dirt, or ANY OTHER ITEMS that could not be put to use in the manner they were intended

Ordinances: Public Nuisance 30-3(1) & 3(6)

Long Grass/Weeds

  • Growth exceeding eight (8) inches
  • EXCLUDES acceptable prairie restoration plants

Ordinances: Public Nuisance 30-3(10)



  • Outdoor or outside storage of abandoned or inoperable vehicles
  • Parking on landscape
  • Salvage vehicles, parts or machinery

Ordinances: Public Nuisance 30-3(27) & Off-Street Parking & Outdoor Storage 117-355


  • Farm Animals without adequate acreage
  • Diseased animals running at large
  • Animal carcasses
  • Manure, refuse or debris (if stable or barn area, must be removed every 2 weeks)

Ordinances: Keeping of Animals 10-1, Public Nuisance 30-3(2-4)

MN State Statute 13.44 Subd. 1: Real property; complaint data. The identities of individuals who register complaints with state agencies or political subdivisions concerning violations of state laws or local ordinances concerning the use of real property are classified as confidential data.