Citizen Support Directory

Welcome to the Citizen Support Directory. Here one will find common needs and questions we receive from our citizens. Along with those questions, we have provided a contact name, phone, email and external links (where applicable). For any concerns/questions not found here, please feel free to contact City Hall at 763.427.1410.

Citizen Directory

Residents (General)     Phone Contact Name
 Police, crime prevention, or report non-emergencies. Email  - 763.427.6812 Capt. Tim Frankfurth
 Traffic, parking or keys locked in vehicles. Email  - 763.427.6812 Capt. Tim Frankfurth
 Fire and fire prevention. Email Link 763.433.9832 Carey Schiferli
 Building, remodeling, zoning regulations, inspections, fences or storm water. EmailLink 763.433.9824  
 Public nuisances, long grass, blighted or poorly maintained property. Email  - 763.427.6812 Capt. Tim Frankfurth
 Water and sewer service quality. EmailLink 763.286.0296 John Nelson
 Utility Billing. EmailLink 651.255.0917  
 Property taxes, City budget and general levy. EmailLink 763.433.9847 Diana Lund
 Communications, marketing, events, administration and meeting spaces. Email  - 763.433.9831 Nichole Wenberg
 Elected officials, boards and commissions. EmailLink 763.433.9840 Jo Thieling
 Job opportunities, volunteering, human resources. EmailLink 763.433.9867 Colleen Lasher
 Pot holes, snow plowing, street signs, dead animals, street maintenance. EmailLink 763.433.9863 Grant Riemer
 Parks, trails, community amenities, facility and equipment rental. EmailLink 763.433.9853 Mark Riverblood
 Meeting agendas, minutes and schedules. EmailLink 763.433.9840 Jo Thieling
 Elections, public records and data requests. Email  - 763.433.9840 Jo Thieling
 Permits. EmailLink 763.433.9850  
 All other inquires and requests. Email  - 763.427.1410  


Businesses     Phone Contact Name
 Building, remodeling, zoning regulations, inspections and storm water.EmailLink 763.433.9824 JoAnn Shaw
 Signs: temporary, permanent, banners, dynamic display.EmailLink 763.433.9817 Chris Anderson
 Police, crime prevention, or report non-emergencies.Email  - 763.427.6812 Capt. Tim Frankfurth
 Loitering, illegal dumping of trash and materials and abandon vehicles.Email  - 763.427.6812 Capt. Tim Frankfurth
 Fire and fire prevention. Email Link 763.433.9832 Carey Schiferli
 Business expansion, relocation, or start-up; financial tools and assistance.Email  - 763.433.9868 Patrick Brama
 Available private land and available leasable space.EmailLink 763.433.9868 Patrick Brama
 General business customer service and support.Email  - 763.433.9868 Patrick Brama
 Permits.  -Link 763.433.9824  



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