Sanitary Sewer FAQs

How does the City of Ramsey inspect its sanitary sewers?
Remote control video cameras televise the entire sewer system once every five years or 30,000 feet of sewer mains per year. This video tape inspection locates existing and potential problem areas for repair including root cutting or root treating areas with tree root problems, joint sealing and short lining areas to correct infiltration and broken tile.

How often are the sanitary sewers cleaned?
The entire sewer system is cleaned with a high pressure sewer jetter once every three years or 1/3 of the system annually. Pressure changes when the City cleans the sewer main may cause your toilet to flush and or create noise.

What items should not be flushed down toilets?
Any thing that will not totally dissolve and could plug the sewer mains such as disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, bandages, rags, and plastics bags. Watch a video on what not to flush down your toilets.

Is Ramsey's sanitary sewer system adequate to meet future expectations?
Yes. Most of the sewer system was built in the last 15 years and pipe sizing was determined anticipating future development.

What is Ramsey doing to eliminate any infiltration/inflow problems that may exist or develop in the sanitary sewer system?
Frequently televising the systems allows us to see if there are any defects in the pipe network. As mentioned the Ramsey sewer system is relatively new.

What is a lift station?
Lift stations pump the sewer up hill from a low point which enables the sewage to flow by gravity to the next low point and eventually into one of two Metropolitan Council Environmental Services interceptor sewers.