Riverdale Drive Extension/Reconstruction (Traprock Street to Ramsey Boulevard)
City Improvement Project #16-20

Project Purpose
This project serves to extend Riverdale Drive from Traprock Street to Ramsey Boulevard to complete the south Highway 10 frontage road system between Llama and Tungsten Streets.

Project Design
This is a MnDOT Cooperative Agreement project and as such must be designed to meet MnDOT Trunk Highway standards.

Riverdale Drive is being extended using concrete curb and gutter, bituminous pavement, and storm sewer. Trunk watermain is being extended to Ramsey Boulevard from Traprock Street. No sanitary sewer work is proposed with the project. A bituminous trail which will serve as part of the Mississippi River Trail was extended along the south side of the proposed extension of Riverdale Drive in 2014/15.

The existing three-quarter access to Highway 10 at Traprock Street will be replaced upon project completion to increase safety for Highway 10 motorists, which is why MnDOT awarded the city $702,000 in Cooperative Agreement funds.

Project Funding
This is a Cooperative Agreement project between the City of Ramsey and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). Funding for the project is proposed as follows.

$ 584,280 - Cooperative Agreement (MnDOT funds)
$ 580,950 - Municipal State Aid
$ 185,000 - Water
$ 53,050 - Stormwater Management
$ 50,000 - Stormwater Utility
$ 1,453,280 - Total Estimated Project Costs

Project Schedule
Construction is proposed to be completed in 2017.

General Information

This page will be updated during project development.