Andrie Street and 164th Lane Reconstruction

City Improvement Project No. 16-00 Division C

Feasibility Report
A Feasibility Report was prepared for this project and is available for review by clicking here.

Proposed Improvements
This improvement project proposes to reconstruct Andrie Street between Alpine Drive and 164th Lane, and 164th Lane between Andrie Street and Jarvis Street. Improvements include grading, concrete curb and gutter, bituminous paving, storm sewer/drainage, and miscellaneous appurtenant improvements.

Both Andrie Street and 164th Lane will be reconstructed 1-foot wider on each side of the street. On-street parking will only be allowed on the east side of Andrie Street and the north side of 164th Lane within 8-foot wide parking lanes designated by 4-inch white pavement striping. Use of this on-street parking lane must still comply with City code. Parking will be prohibited at all times on the other side of the streets. No centerline striping will be installed. This design was driven by extensive public input from Northfork residents.

A map showing the streets to be reconstructed with this project can be viewed by clicking here.

Working Hours
Work on this project may occur between 7 AM and 10 PM, Monday through Saturday. These are the normal working hours allowed per City code.

The prime contractor for this project is Douglas-Kerr Underground, LLC.

Construction Process / Schedule
Construction began on June 23rd and is scheduled for completion during the second week of October. However, work schedules are subject to change without notice due to adverse weather or other unforeseen conditions so these dates may change.

Construction is scheduled to be completed in 3 distinct phases proceeding from Alpine Drive toward Jarvis Street as follows:

· Phase 1 - Andrie Street between Alpine Drive and Muirfield Circle

· Phase 2 - Andrie Street between Muirfield Circle and 164th Lane

· Phase 3 - 164th Lane between Andrie Street and Jarvis Street

During each phase of construction, the existing pavement section will first be removed by grinding up the existing pavement and a portion of the existing aggregate base (pavement reclamation). Then all required storm sewer improvements will be constructed. The upper one-foot of subgrade soils will then be blended and re-compacted (scarified) as needed to provide a uniform base for the concrete curb and gutter and pavement. The concrete curb and gutter will be constructed next, then 6-inches of aggregate base will be placed and compacted on top of the subgrade between the new curb and gutter. A 2" base course of bituminous pavement will then be placed on the compacted aggregate base. Driveways will then be repaired, followed by final boulevard grading and turf establishment.

Construction of each phase is planned to be completed before the next phase of construction begins, except for paving the 1-1/2" lift of bituminous wear course (top lift of pavement) and installing signing and striping. This work is scheduled to occur over all three phases following substantial completion of phase 3.

A single 4-inch wide white stripe will be painted on the pavement to delineate the 8-foot parking lane on the east side of Andrie Street and the north side of 164th Lane. “No Parking” signs will be installed along the opposite sides of the streets. Signs will be placed on property lines, whenever possible, to minimize their visibility, and only the minimum number of signs required will be installed.

*UPDATED 10/26/16* - Construction Progress Updates

Phase 1 - Remaining work includes paving the bituminous wear course at side street intersections, signing and striping. Bituminous wear course paving is tentatively scheduled for November 3rd or 4th, and signing and striping are tentatively scheduled for the second week of November, weather permitting.

Phase 2 - Remaining work includes paving the bituminous wear course at side street intersections, signing and striping. Bituminous wear course paving is tentatively scheduled for November 3rd or 4th, and signing and striping are tentatively scheduled for the second week of November, weather permitting.

Phase 3 - Final grading of the aggregate base course will be completed by October 28th, weather permitting. Bituminous base course paving is tentatively scheduled for October 28th and/or 29th, weather permitting. Backfilling boulevards, installing mailboxes, restoring irrigation systems, and establishing turf are tentatively scheduled to occur between October 31st and November 3rd. Bituminous wear course paving, including driveway aprons, is tentatively scheduled for November 3rd or 4th, weather permitting.

Construction Inspection
The lead construction inspector for the City will be Mike McDowall. Please contact Mike with any of your construction related questions or concerns. Mike’s cell phone number is 763-286-7130, and his email is

Impacts to Private Property
Irrigation systems – Locate flags will be provided to anyone who wishes to mark the location of their irrigation system heads and lines to minimize impacts during construction. The contractor plans to remove and reinstall about 6-feet of irrigation systems located immediately behind the existing curb to allow the systems to remain operational and out of harm’s way throughout construction. All irrigation systems will then be relocated and repaired prior to project completion. Mike McDowall can provide you with locate flags.

Mailboxes – Existing mailboxes will be removed and reinstalled near the end of the project. Upon removal, your permanent mailbox will be carefully removed and placed on your property outside City right-of-way for safe keeping. If you move it to a more secure location we will contact you when it is time to reinstall it. Temporary mailbox clusters have been located in accessible locations. Click here to see a temporary cluster mailbox location map. Instructions printed on green paper were previously taped to mailboxes to inform everyone of the location of their temporary mailbox as assigned by the US Postal Service. None of the temporary mailboxes provided with the project are lockable. If you prefer to have a locking mailbox, please call Mike McDowall to arrange to have the contractor install your locking mailbox in place of the existing temporary mailbox assigned to you. Please note that your locking mailbox must be equipped for post mounting, and that it cannot be bigger than the temporary mailbox. The City does not supply locking mailboxes.

Landscaping – Landscaping elements that are located within the limits of construction will be relocated and replaced as part of the project. However, if you prefer to move any of your landscaping elements yourself prior to construction, please relocate such landscaping 8-feet or more behind the existing curb. That said, construction limits will vary by property so feel free to contact Mike McDowall if you wish to know exactly how far back to move your landscaping elements.

Invisible (underground) fencing – If you have invisible fencing within City right-of-way please call Mike McDowall. He can provide locate flags for you to mark your invisible fencing locations to allow the contractor to work around it as best as practical to minimize construction impacts. Damaged invisible fencing will not be repaired as part of the project.

Driveways – Any driveway damage resulting from this project will be repaired.

Ornate concrete driveways – If you have an ornate concrete driveway please call Mike McDowall. He can meet you before construction begins to ensure everyone has the same understanding of how your driveway will be repaired during the project.

Special events requiring special access or on-street parking – Please call Mike McDowall if you have any special events planned this summer requiring special access or parking needs during construction. The earlier we are made aware of such events, the better we will be able to accommodate them.

Access Restrictions
Access to properties will be maintained as best as practical during construction, though short-term access restrictions, on the order of several minutes to several hours, will occur periodically so work can progress in a safe and timely manner. Longer term access restrictions, on the order of several days to a week, will be required when concrete curb and gutter and driveway aprons are being poured and are curing. During these times parking will be allowed on streets, including overnight, but outside of these times parking restrictions will be enforced. Following concrete curb and gutter construction, access to driveways will be restricted for up to 6 days, depending on the weather. Please do not drive over the new curb and gutter during this time. Parking in streets will be allowed while the concrete is curing, including overnight parking.

Private Utilities
A total of 4 private utility companies maintain utilities along the streets proposed to be reconstructed including CenterPoint Energy, CenturyLink, Comcast, and Connexus Energy. These utility companies will be completing separate work along one or both sides of the streets. This work may occur before, during, or after the street reconstruction project is complete. The utility company projects may include relocating utilities that are impacted by the street reconstruction project, completing system upgrades intended to provide better service to their customers, or both. Each utility has rights to use the roadway right-of-ways and utility easements to operate and maintain their utilities. The City of Ramsey issues right-of-way permits for such work.

If you have questions about the work a specific utility is completing, please contact the utility company directly. While utility companies are required to apply for a right-of-way permit with the City, the permit applications generally do not contain enough information to allow the City to respond with a high degree of certainty.

Connexus Energy's utility lines are generally located just just outside of front property lines and within City right-of-way. Front property lines are located approximately 17½-feet from the back of the existing bituminous curb, or 16½-feet from the back of the proposed concrete curb. Connexus generally installs their utility lines just inside City right-of-way when possible, though some of their lines and utility boxes and pedestals may extend into the 10 foot wide utility easement that exists inside the front property lines along Andrie Street and 164th Lane.

Each of the remaining 3 utility companies will generally install their utilities closer to the street and further away from private properties.

Project funding is proposed to come from street reconstruction bonds and special assessments to benefitting properties. The preliminary assessment program is described in detail within the Feasibility Report.

General Notes
This project web page will be updated as new information on the project becomes available.
To receive email notifications when this web page is updated visit, check the “Road Improvements: Andrie Street & 164th Lane” box, enter your email address, then click “Update”.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in allowing this project to be completed in a safe and timely manner. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this work or the contractor’s operations, please contact City Engineer Bruce Westby at 763-433-9825 or


*UPDATED 10/26/16* - Special Assessments Update

The Assessment Hearing was held on October 25, 2016. After the hearing, the City Council adopted final assessments in the amount of $6,636.40 per benefiting property as listed in the assessment hearing notice that was mailed to all benefiting property owners. Please refer to the assessment hearing notice for information regarding payment of assessments.