Puma Street Improvements IP 20-04

Updated September 9, 2020

Background Information

The improvements proposed with this project are the last in a series of improvement projects providing street, trail and trunk utility improvements to serve numerous commercial and residential developments in the general area.

In 2006, Bunker Lake Boulevard was improved west of Armstrong Boulevard.  The easterly 2,650 feet or so was constructed with trunk 18-inch polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sanitary sewer and 16-inch ductile iron pipe (DIP) watermain under a permanent bituminous pavement section. The westerly 1,400 feet or so of Bunker Lake Boulevard to Puma Street, as well as all of Puma Street between Bunker Lake Boulevard and Alpine Drive, was constructed without trunk utilities and only a temporary pavement section generally consisting of 3 inches of aggregate base under 2 inches of bituminous pavement.  Based on future demand, trunk utilities were ultimately proposed to be extended to and along Puma Street, after which the temporary pavement sections would be replaced with permanent pavement sections.

In the fall of 2017, approximately 1,400 linear feet of municipal trunk utility extension improvements were constructed along the west end of Bunker Lake Boulevard to Puma Street. These trunk utilities were required to serve portions of the new Riverstone residential development west of Puma Street, as well as a portion of the new Bunker Lake Industrial Park development south of Bunker Lake Boulevard.

In late 2017 through early 2018, trunk utility improvements were extended along Puma Street, north of Bunker Lake Boulevard. These utility improvements were required to serve a majority of the Riverstone residential development, future commercial and residential development east of Puma Street, plus some undeveloped land in the Northfork development, west of the Riverstone development. These development areas are all designated as municipal urban service areas (MUSA) thereby requiring service by City sewer and water.

In the summer/fall of 2018, permanent street and trail improvements were constructed on the sections of Bunker Lake Boulevard and Puma Street where trunk utility improvements were constructed.

Proposed Improvements, Costs and Funding

These improvements are being driven by two proposed residential developments, one on each side of Puma Street south of Alpine Drive, including Alpha Development by AKM Farm/Paxmar on the east side of Puma Street, and Riverstone 4th Addition by Capstone Homes on the west side. This spring Capstone Homes began development of Riverstone 4th Addition. There are currently no plans to begin construction of the Alpha/AKM Farms development.

Approximately 1,000 feet of Puma Street and the adjacent regional trail south of Alpine Drive must be realigned and reconstructed to replace the existing temporary street section with a permanent street section including bituminous pavement, concrete curb and gutter, storm sewer, and associated appurtenant improvements.  Municipal trunk utilities must also be extended.

The proposed street and trail improvements must meet all applicable State Aid standards including curb and gutter design, pavement structural capacity, horizontal and vertical curves, lane and shoulder widths, clear zones, etc.  A 9-ton all-weather pavement design will be required for Puma Street.  As plans were developed, submittals were made to the State Aid office to obtain all required State Aid approvals before awarding a contract for construction.

Trunk 16-inch DIP watermain is proposed to be extended to the north to serve the Riverstone 4th Addition and the Alpha/AKM Farms development with water, and to provide a looped watermain system along Puma Street and Alpine Drive to more reliably serve properties in the immediate area, provide better fire flows, and provide better water quality by removing a dead end.  Alpine Drive is scheduled to be reconstructed in 2025 per the City’s current Capital Improvement Program (CIP), at which time the existing trunk watermain running parallel to Armstrong Boulevard will be connected to the watermain installed under Puma Street with this project.

Trunk sanitary sewer (8” PVC) is proposed to be extended to the north to serve the Riverstone 4th Addition and the Alpha/AKM Farms development with sanitary sewer.  The sewer is not designed to serve properties north of Alpine Drive with municipal sewer. Those properties can be served, if needed, from a future trunk sewer line along Armstrong Boulevard.

The proposed Puma Street improvements include construction of a permanent urban street section with concrete curb and gutter and storm sewer improvements, including connections to an adjacent stormwater pond in the Riverstone development. 

Dewatering of groundwater will be required to extend municipal utilities north towards Alpine Drive.  Groundwater will be directed through the low-lying area east of Puma Street between Alpine Drive and Bunker Lake Boulevard, similar to the dewatering operations completed with the previous Puma Street improvements, as well as during development of the earlier additions of the Riverstone residential development. Standing water may be observed from time to time within the low-lying area west of Armstrong Boulevard, as well as east of Armstrong Boulevard from north of Bunker Lake Boulevard to Sunwood Drive.  This is normal and the City will be monitoring this during construction to ensure there is no flooding of private properties. 

Puma Street will be closed to traffic during construction.  During this time access to the Riverstone development will be maintained from the south via Bunker Lake Boulevard.  Due to the nature of construction temporary interruptions to access may occur, but in general access will be maintained to the Riverstone development throughout construction.  Access for emergency services will be maintained throughout construction.

On June 19, 2020, a total of twelve bids were received, opened, and tabulated.  The bid of Douglas-Kerr Underground, L.L.C. of Mora, Minnesota, in the amount of $622,062.11 for the total bid for construction of said improvements in accordance with the approved plans and specifications and advertisement for bids, was the lowest responsible bidder.  Total project costs are estimated to be $777,577.64 after adding 25-percent indirect costs for administrative, engineering, finance and legal costs.  Project costs are proposed to be shared between the City and two developers, Capstone Homes and AKM Farm/Paxmar.

City staff will administer and inspect construction.  Bolton & Menk will stake construction and assist with construction administration. 

Project Schedule

June 23 – City Council accepted bids and awarded a contract for construction

Early August – Construction begins

September 25 – Substantial completion of construction (open to traffic)

October 16 – Final completion of work

Please contact City Engineer Bruce Westby at 763-433-9825 or bwestby@cityoframsey.com with questions related to project design or funding.

Please contact City project inspector Aaron Madsen by phone at 763-433-9873 with questions related to construction.

All trunk sanitary sewer and watermain work is complete, and storm sewer work will be complete the week of September 8th.  Site grading will continue for another week or two, which will be followed closely by curb and gutter and pavement construction.