2030 Comprehensive Plan (existing plan)


In accordance with Minnesota Statute Chapter 473, every ten (10) years, the City completes an update to the Comprehensive Plan with the Metropolitan Council. The Comprehensive Plan is the City's plan for future land uses. The Plan includes assumptions on physical development throughout the community and is a vision for how the City will evolve over the next twenty (20) years. The Comprehensive Plan is an important document that helps guide public facilities, areas of preservation and development, and development of various zoning guidance. In 2008, the City completed a draft of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

Regional Planning Documents

Approved Regional Planning Documents impacting Ramsey can be found on Metropolitan Council's Community Profile for Ramsey.

2040 Comprehensive Plan Update (new plan)

Ramsey is in the process of updating its long-range vision for our community. For more information, view a draft of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

  1. Tim Gladhill

    Tim Gladhill

    Deputy City Administrator