Construction Contractor Registration Pilot Project

The message below is being sent on behalf of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Assistant Commissioner Jessica Looman.

Dear Construction Industry Partner:

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has implemented a new construction contractor registration pilot project required under Minnesota State § 181.723 as amended (Minnesota Laws, chapter 295).

Construction contractors that are not performing work in a type of construction already licensed by DLI are required to register with DLI. There is no cost to register. Contractors must be registered by September 15, 2012 by going to the Department of Labor and Industry Website. More information about the program and who must register is also available on that page.

DLI will soon mail a postcard to more than 15,000 Minnesota construction employers about the new registration program.

Verification of contractor registration is available on the DLI License Lookup Page.  A registered contractor can be found quickly by clicking on "business" and then typing any portion of the contractor's name into the search field.

Our agency hopes you will help share information about the new construction contractor registration program with contractors performing construction work in Minnesota. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to providing further information about this project as it develops.

For more information about contractor registration, please contact the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.